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Barbed wire Alias :Barbed wire

The barbed wire is made up of a fully automated barbed wire machine. Folk known as barbed wire, barbed wire, barbed wire. Product type: single screw and double twist. Raw material: high quality low carbon steel wire. Surface treatment: electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic, plastic. Blue, green, yellow and other colors. Use: used for isolation and protection of grassland border, railway and highway.

The utility model relates to a barbed wire rope which is a barbed wire rope winding machine which is used for winding barbed wires on the main wire (strands).
The barbed wire of the three kinds of twisting method: positive, reverse, positive and negative.
It is the wire twisting method: two or more wire twisted double strand wire rope and then wrapped in barbed wire double stranded wire.
Anti twisting method: first is in the main wire winding wire (i.e. single wire) after adding a wire and twist plait ply into double stranded barbed wire.
Method: positive and negative twist is the main place to the barbed wire winding wire in the opposite direction screw series. Not in one direction.
The reason for surface treatment is to enhance the corrosion resistance and prolong the service life. Galvanized barbed wire as the name suggests that the surface treatment is galvanized, can be galvanized and hot galvanized; PVC barbed wire for the surface treatment is PVC package plastic processing, the barbed wire inside the black wire, galvanized wire and hot wire.
Aluminum barbed wire is a new product just listed, its surface covered with a layer of aluminum, which is also called al. We all know that aluminum is not rusty, so the surface of aluminum can greatly improve the corrosion resistance, so that its longer life. The use of barbed wire: for the factory, private villas, residential buildings on the first floor, construction sites, banks, prisons, money printing, military, cottage, low walls and other places of security, protection, etc..

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Gabion mesh can be made into trunks, mat, for protection against erosion of rivers, dams and seawall, reservoirs, river closure with cage.
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Welded wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire welding, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC coating, such as surface passivation, plastic processing.
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Most of the raw materials used for punching net are stainless steel, low carbon steel plate, galvanized PVC cold rolled coil, etc.. Make different shapes of holes on the material to suit different needs.
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Razor wire surface treatment: electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic, plastic. Blue, green, yellow and other colors. Use: used for isolation and protection of grassland border, railway and highway.
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The use of wire mesh screen to protect the appearance of stainless steel wire with electrostatic spray treatment has a high anti rust, anti damage ability, after inspection, anti hit hit capacity of 2.148 tons, shear, anti damage ability.
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The construction site elevator wellhead safety protection, side safety protection, is also widely used in the distribution of maintenance, electrical maintenance, renovation construction, transportation, the company set up the warning line and other places to stop
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Tensile steel mesh: such as stainless steel tensile mesh, aluminum stretch mesh, steel plate mesh that belongs to the steel wire mesh series, but also belongs to the tensile mesh series.
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Multi crimped wire mesh used in mining, coal plant, construction, petrochemical, construction machinery etc..
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Fence is widely used in China's highways, railways, highways, etc., can be made into a permanent network wall, but also can be used as a temporary isolation network, just use different column fixation can be achieved.
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The steel grid plate is an open type steel member which is carried out by the combination of the bearing steel bar and the transverse rod according to a certain distance, and is fixed by welding or pressing. Shipbuilding.
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